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What we do

Digital Design

Digital design is about telling a story: YOUR story. We create meaningful and friendly websites that will shape your project or company.

Branding Design

Branding is about to create your company's fingerprint and make it emotional. Your brand becomes an experience!

Print Design

Paper is alive! We believe that the sense of touching paper generates a unique feeling. From business card to brochure: make it count, make it special.

Environmental Design

If you need to call attention on your brand during an event, we have creative solutions for you!

Logo Design

Whenever it's a refresh of your old logo or a blank project, we will create a rocking logo that will proudly represent your company.


Illustration has the power to create a mood with a strong expressive style and energy without you needing to look at it directly. Check our latest works!

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From the blog

Say it with an emoji!

Language has evolve through ages and time; from the phonetic logotypes to our well-known roman characters. It’s no secret, communication gets faster and faster and sometimes (if not all the time!) a simple drawing is worth a thousand words. Maybe that’s the definition of « emoji »! Quick, simple, to-the-point.But even in that area, changes must be done […]

Kasseka B, hand-made earrings.

Ben K, multi-skilled artist just launched her online store few days ago! On Afrikea.com, you can find tons of artists and beautiful hand-made jewelry, with a touch of African inspiration. At Kasseka B, everything is meticulously studied: the weight of the earring, the size, the colors, the fabric, the shape. Everything. What makes those earrings special is […]

Barcelone OFFF Festival!

Yes! We took part of this amazing adventure of the OFFF Festival that took place in Barcelona 27,28 & 29 may 2016. Jam Factory, Johnny Cupcake, Lullatone, Mr Bingo, Spin Studio, Joshua Davis & Madame Ghandi (and these are just few of them!); 3 full days where artists, digital designers, entrepreneurs shared their experiences, their […]


We had the pleasure to participate to the art journeys of Itinérart organised by Escale du Nord.. Discovering artists around the city. It was a pleasure to part of the group show. The exhibition was at the cultural center « De Rinck ». Nolee received the public price of Itinérart 2016  ex eaquo with Stefan Tavernier-Laurens. Come and see their exhibition […]

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