EUROPEAN COMMISSION: ‘Faces2Hearts’ for a better world

Client: European Commission

Wondering what life’s really like far from Europe? In the Faces2Hearts project, European and local vloggers are forging cross-continental friendships, discovering how EU development cooperation is changing lives and sharing it all with you.

Faces2Hearts’ volunteer reporters are touring countries in Africa, the Americas and Asia, to discover communities, spark cultural exchange and unearth inspiring stories of positive change. The project launched in 2018 and funded by the EU ‘Instead of having experts do all the talking’ with four young Europeans blogging from 29 countries.

This project was nominated at the Digital Communication Awards in Berlin in 2018!

A photo exhibition and an exchange with the public took place at the ED Days in 2018 at Tour & Taxi.

What we did

  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Photo retouching
  • Exhibition stand design