WWF: Elections 2019 campaign

Client: WWF Belgium

The various coalition agreements will be decisive for the climate, biodiversity but also our common well-being. Over 80,000 views for our 11 “live” interviews with major Belgian political parties, nearly 400 “voices for the planet” submitted on an online form, 1,300 youth participations and 400 ideas submitted on the “Ideas4planet” platform, and a few other thousand interactions around two studies on fossil fuels and imported deforestation.

During Panda Lives ahead of the May 26, 2019 elections, the various party representatives took a stand on issues related to climate, biodiversity, mobility and agriculture, and answered questions from young people concerned about their future. Check all the videos here:

In association with Springtime.brussels
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What we did

  • Print material
  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Digital material
  • 'Panda Live' organisation